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We clink glasses, and laugh at our good fortune. Sometimes life can change
in a weekend of improbable Black Preteen Models circumstances; but it can also change when we
decide it must, because we have already missed too much to let any more go
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Subject: Curiosity Killed the Cat(F+/F+, F+/M+, BDSM, Black Preteen Models Voyeurism)
Curiosity Killed the Cat(F+/F+, F+/M+, BDSM, Voyeurism)
Curiosity Killed the Cat I
Joan looked out the window looking for anything she could see at Black Preteen Models
neighbor house. There was always strange noises coming from over there and
people coming in and out at night. Paul was working late again as usual. It
seemed these days; he was never at home to take care of her needs. Tonight
there was only the neighbor car there and one other. As usual, the lights were
all on upstairs and downstairs and all the curtains closed up so she
couldn't see anything.
Damn, she thought. They must be the most popular couple in town or
something was going on. She had met the lady only once passing along the sidewalk.
She always had on a leather outfit, which always struck her as strange,
but then again, maybe that was her thing. A young girl lived with her and was
rarely home as far as she knew. She was always going off in car here and
there with someone. Joan could tell she was in her late teen and probably
boy hunting. Her own hand slipped in her nightgown to her panties as she
thought of the days when she had been flirting with Paul. She was 40 now and
they were only 20 at the time. They had even made love in his mother room
while she was preparing them a dinner. The thought excited her as she went
back to bed and started masturbating with the Black Preteen Models images in mind. Maybe, I'll go
over tomorrow after Paul leaves and introduced myself she thought, as she
returned to more pleasant thoughts at hand.
The next day she woke up and found a note saying Paul had to leave early
again and would be gone for the next few days. She had a cup of coffee
trying to get the nerve to go over and figure out what she was going to say. Her
own daughter Ann was in college and wouldn't be home till the weekend.
Finishing the coffee, she got dressed and walked over and knocked on the door.
It was still early in the day. Maybe she'll ask for a cup of coffee.
An attractive lady in her late 30s opened the door. She was wearing a
black leather robe, which barely went down, below her ass cheeks Joan noticed.
I'm afraid, I forgot to buy any coffee this week, Joan lied. Do you have
any I can borrow? I'm your neighbor next door.
Sure, I'm having a cup myself. Come join me.
Joan watched the lady turn around and walk forward as she went in and
closing the door followed. The lady had a medium size ass, she noticed, as she
continued to watch it sway from side to side. Her legs were long and in
excellent condition making Joan fell uneasy staring down at them.
They entered the kitchen and the lady offered Joan a seat at the table
while she prepared her a cup. When she sat down opposite Joan, she noticed
that she probably had nothing underneath as a portion of her breast showed out
beneath the robe. She tried not to stare and decided to start talking.
My name is Joan, she said. My daughter is in Black Preteen Models college and Paul my husband
is always at work. I notice you have a daughter also. Does she have a
regular boyfriend? I always see a car picking her up.
You're very nosy, the woman said, staring coldly at her. I'll seen you
looking out the window at night. Do you always do such things?
Joan was taken back. She never suspected she had been spotted all these
days. No, she replied cautiously, I just heard vehicles and thought it might
be someone coming to see me. You know how it is.
No I don't, said the lady, giving her a stone stare. You see, I'm a
mistress and am training my daughter to be one also. I enjoy the life of having
slaves to use for my pleasure and as you see it pays very well.
Curiosity Killed the Cat II
Joan almost fell out of her chair hearing the words. I see, she said, and
hurriedly returned to her coffee to drink it as fast as she could and get
out. She couldn't believe the woman actually told her that. A hooker she
thought and teaching her daughter to be one also. What a slut she was. She
didn't say anything till the coffee was complete and then excused herself and
said she had things to do around the house.
If you're in need someday, come visit me again, the woman said. I would
very much truly enjoy using you as my slave and spanking that large ass of
No thanks, Joan replied. I got to go. She got up and left the house in a
hurry. A hooker living next door she mused. I never would have guess. Should
she try to get her out of the neighborhood? When she got in, she
immediately called Nancy her friend and Black Preteen Models told her everything that had happened. Nancy
was recently divorce and used to work with Paul till she found another job
that was better. She figured Nancy would be as surprised and horrified at
the thought as she was, but instead, Nancy made it sound like something
exciting that they should investigate and suggested she come over that night
to see for herself. Joan told her the shades were always down, but Nancy
said she knew ways around that.
She spent most of the day cleaning house but the thoughts of what may be
going on in that house was getting her excited. Late that evening, she
returned to bed to get herself off again with those thoughts still in her mind.
She fell to sleep with a smile on her face and slept good till she heard a
knock on the door down below.
Realizing she had slept for hours and that must be Nancy, she quickly put
on a nightgown and went downstairs to open the door. Nancy was standing
there looking at her waiting.
I'm sorry, I overslept she said letting her in.
Why Joan, you look so sexy in that gown. Now I know why the big bad woman
wants to spank your booty. Kind of cute you know.
Joan ignored her comments and prepared a drink for both of them.
What Black Preteen Models do you think I should do, she asked Nancy?
Lets go over first and see if anything is really going on, Nancy
suggested. I'm very good at peeking in windows you know. She may have been just
trying to get rid of you.
Joan was disgusted at Nancy suggesting such a thought, however, the it had
came to her mind several times the last few days. She hesitated and then
told her she would get dressed.
We'll only be there a little while, Nancy replied. Besides, it dark
outside and no one will see us. Go as you are. I doubt if Black Preteen Models you're going to be see
in a neighborhood where there is only three houses blocks from each other.
Curiosity Killed the Cat III
Joan thought better of it but decided what the hell. She was in a horny
mood and didn't want to have to go through all the trouble right now. Her
curiosity made haste of the situation as they both went out the back and
walked behind the hedges over. All the shades were down as usual, but Nancy
noticed the cellar window at the bottom was lit and wasn't covered yet. She
approached and got down on her knees to look in. Black Preteen Models
Joan was ashamed of herself
and her friend peeking in someone window and started to run back when she
heard Nancy gasp out below. Nancy was fully engulfed with whatever she was
watching and she could hear noises that sound like moans from behind the
window. She then heard a swishing sound and someone scream out in pain.
Gosh, this is good, Nancy said as Joan noticed she was pressing her nose
in the glass to see more. Let me see, she asked Nancy.
In a minute. Not yet. Gosh.
Joan waited impatiently for her to move her big ass so she could see. Her
curiosity was peeked to the max and she had gone this far. Come on; let me
see, she said raising her voice.
Shhhhhhh. They may hear you. Damn. I can't believe it.
Joan waited long enough and pushed Nancy to the side and looked in. She
saw a naked couple tied to a hook in the ceiling with their backs towards
her. They were totally naked and had stripes across their large buttocks. Both
was in their 50s from the white hair she saw on them. Her neighbor was
dressed in a black leather outfit with openings in front for her pussy and
tits and a larger opening in back for her ass, which was sticking out. She
watched her striking their butts in turns with the cat and noticing the
jiggling of their ass. The neighbor put down the cat and walked over to the wall,
which held various objects Joan had only seen in magazines before. She saw
her pick up two small dildos and return. Spreading each of their asses,
she shoved the fake cock deep in their bowels as they clenched their ass
cheeks in response. She felt Nancy hand on her own ass rubbing it as she
watched and knew she should stop it but couldn't move from the scene below. Even
when her panties were being lowered in back, she didn't resist but thrust
her ass higher in response.
The couple was then turned around Black Preteen Models as Joan gasped at the sight. That was My
Lawyer the local banker and his wife tied to the hooks. His wife was a
real bitch and looked down at her whenever she went to get money. Her pussy
was drooling at the sight of both of them standing there with their asses
plugged and spanked. Nancy hand had found her pussy and was massaging it as
she thrust her ass back and forth so she could continue. Looking back, she
noticed the neighbor had gotten two larger dildos and pulling each by their
hair back forced them in their mouths till it was firmly inserted. She felt
her pussy dripping in back and Nancy finger at the entrance of her asshole.
Not thinking, she pushed her ass back on the finger till it was inserted.
The neighbor had tied a cord around Mr. Lawyer cock and put a clip around
Mrs. Lawyer clit and then another cord. She was pulling on the cords as if
they were a puppet string making each of them dance for her amusement. Both
were in a heavy sweat as their genitals were being pulled to the limit.
She didn't even care when Nancy had inserted another finger in her ass and
her other hand was pushing a finger in her twat. She was getting so close to
cumming watching the action. She could feel Nancy breathe on the back of
her neck and knew she was watching from atop her at the same time.
Curiosity Killed the Cat IV
The neighbor finally had her amusement and released the couple cords. She
unhooked them and demanded they get on all fours and attached a leash to

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